Pilatus is the home mountain of the Swiss Alps and a must-see if you’re in Lucerne. During a magical day trip to Mt. Pilatus you’ll experience nonstop views of the Swiss Alps, an Alpine flower path and fantastic food. We got there by taking a bus to the trail head for a short walk through the forest and then transferred to the gondola & cable car for the last segment of the journey up the mountain. It’s all accessible through public transportation including the world’s steepest cogwheel railway, aerial trams and gondolas.  

Mt Pilatus Day Hike

Mt. Pilatus Transportation Tips

Most people either take the cable car up from the Lucerne city side or take the cog-wheel from the end of Lake Lucerne side. Either way you should plan for an hour to get you up by the time you purchase your ticket, stand in line and start moving.

Views from Mt. Pilatus

Once you are on top, you have a few options to walk outside to see the stunning surroundings and views. The most scenic is to take the “Alpine Flower Walk” on the level path cut into the mountain that gets you very close to nature and to see the distant Swiss Central Peaks. There is a wire fence along the path so it is very safe. 

From the summit, you can see across the Central Swiss Alps and the Jura all the way to France and the Black Forest in Germany. Once you reach the top, you’ve built up a good appetite and it’s time for lunch. There are many dining options at the top, including an inside cafeteria. For a luxury dining experience, there’s the outside terrace at the Victoria Restaurant, established in 1890.

Why Swiss Food on top of Mt. Pilatus Tastes So Good

Have you ever wondered when you’ve been outside, walked some and then had lunch, you say to yourself “Wow, this really tastes good”.

As a local guide in Lucerne taking hundreds of people up to the 7,000 ft Mt. Pilatus Day tour, this is the kind of “Wow-this food tastes really good” comments I’ve heard.

On a sunny day, the outside terrace of the Victoria restaurant is one of the highlights. You have your choice of menu items like the traditional Swiss veal sausage, with “rösti”, Swiss hash browns, in onion sauce or hearty soups and beautifully arranged mixed salads using regional fresh ingredients. And, of course, the always famous Swiss Fondue pot is delicious, however, why not branch out and experience the traditional swiss cuisine.

On a clear day in Lucerne, head to the top and see the views Mount Pilatus is famous for. Enjoy some drinks and lunch with the most breathtaking views and head back down. We’ve been making this trip for 8 years and it never fails to impress. More about Echo Trails Mt Pilatus day trip from Lucerne.

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We always like to hear from you so let me know what you think.

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René Welti, Founder & CEO