Zürich Haute Route Hike – Details

We meet at Zürich’s train station – under the “Meeting Point” sign at the Big Clock.

After the meet and greet, we will review the day’s activity. We will then catch a local train for a 1 hour scenic ride by train and bus to the starting point of the hike, a small village perched on a sun terrace above Lake Walen.A leisurely chairlift takes us up to 1300 m/4265 ft enjoying the magnificent scenery along the way.

At the top station, we take a coffee break at the little restaurant there before setting off eastwards along the trail.

The route takes you along mountain paths and narrow alpine roads, past extensive alpine pastures and through forests of spruce and mountain pines where, if you are keen, you can grill sausages at a beautiful “Swiss Family” grill spot.

Information boards give interesting details on the flora and fauna of this unique high-altitude protected moor area of ​​national importance through which you are now hiking. The soil is wet, acidic and barren so insectivorous sun dew, cotton grass, or inconspicuous sedges grow, and along the drier edges look out for blueberries and alpine roses. This is also an ideal habitat to find a variety of algae, frogs, mountain newts and insects especially on sloped moorland where slight landslides have created small bog pools.

The trail takes you uphill and suddenly you reach Alp Furgglen, a good example of an isolated alpine plateau area where intense economic activity can place during the summer in an otherwise barren landscape. Watch cows peacefully grazing and enjoy some more wonderful views before making your way down 250 m/820 ft to the end of the trail.

At the end of the hike, we catch a bus and then train back to our starting point at Zürich’s main station.