12 Days Guided Swiss Rails & Trails Tour – Expert Speakers

Lucerne Expert Speakers

Expert speakers in Echo Trails Rails TourSwiss Rail Transportation
The Swiss rail network is noteworthy for its density, its coordination between services, its integration with other modes of transport, timeliness, and a thriving domestic and trans-alp freight system.

There are 74 railway companies in Switzerland.
The share of commuters who travel to work using public transport (as main mode of transport) is 30%.
The share of rail in goods transport performance by road and rail (modal split) is 39%.

During our Lucerne visit, Echo Trails is pleased to host an expert speaker from the Swiss Rail System who will also tackle all Questions & Answers from everyone.

Lucerne’s Ecological Information
Lucerne's ecological informationLucerne has a “glacier garden”.
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Our expert will discuss Lucerne’s unique garden as well as the ice age and the impact on Lucerne and Switzerland.

Andermatt Expert Speaker

Andermatt military fortress
The Swiss, who have been known historically as neutralists, decided during the early years of the Second World War that Andermatt was the ideal location for a strategic military outpost.

Tunneling into the surrounding mountains, the high command in the Swiss military created an extensive series of military bunkers which were to be used for hiding and defensive purposes in case of foreign invasion during the war.
A Swiss Expert World War II Specialist will guide us through the 1942 military bunker deep in the Gotthard mountains.

Gotthard Pass Swiss Military Bunker Expert

We will take a guided walk through the former top-secret Elsasso Gothardo military bunker.
It was decommissioned in the 1980’s.

A Swiss World War II Specialist will guide us through the 1942 military bunker deep in the Gotthard mountains.
The fortress was built inside the mountain during World War II to protect Switzerland’s southern flank.
It was designed to be self-contained for 420 men and 73 artillery pieces for a period of 6 months without any outside deliveries.

You will hear how Switzerland was surrounded by the Axis powers of Germany & Italy and on Switzerland’s WW II strategies.

Entlebuch Valley – Biosphere Reserve – Expert Speakers

Biosphere ReserveOver an area of 400 square kilometres a mystical world unfolds with its promise of peace, inspiration and relaxation – unspoiled moorlands, idyllic Alpine pastures and the majestically towering Schrattenfluh make for experiences of a very special kind indeed.

UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch boasts a wide range of leisure activities. There is an enormous choice including the energy and fairy tale trails, Kneipp facilities, mud baths, satellite-guided hiking and field trips.

From a historical and cultural point of view, the region has much to offer: the ancient craft of charcoal burning in Romoos and the pilgrimage site of Heiligkreuz are some of the highlights.

Our guest speaker will provide more detailed information on Switzerland’s unique Biosphere.