Semi-Guided Hike Jungfrau – Itinerary

Exploring the Jungfrau Region – a semi-guided hike

We stay at 4 Swiss Alpine Resorts 

Rather than shuffling to a new location every day, we prefer to stay a couple of days in several regions.
There are plenty of hikes to explore. There is time to develop a feeling for each area and its culture.
Plus you can unwind, not needing to re-pack each morning.


Engelberg is a small alpine resort. It is the start of your Swiss Alps adventure.
Situated at 3,000 ft., it is completely surrounded by mountain peaks.
The hotel is a 2 hour journey from the airport. We’ll paas through countrysides, lakes, and soon be in the heart of the alps.
The rest of the day is available for you to explore this delightful resort town surrounded by the Alps. The local shops are fun to stroll along and see.


This Swiss Alps mountain village resort is only accessible via foot or cable car.


World famous gateway to the Jungfrau region facing the Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau mountain peaks,


A tucked away mountain village accessible only by train or cable car offers stunning views of the Swiss Alps

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Interactive Google Map – Jungfrau Region

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