Lugano Day Trip Details

We meet at your hotel and walk through a guided tour of the historic center of Lugano
This includes:

  • the new conference center
  • Santa Maria Degli Angel Church
  • Nassa Street – where all the exclusive fashion stores are located
  • Piazza Riforma
  • And we walk through the superbly landscaped park which sweeps down to the lake to the Lido / Marina area

We then board a local bus to the beginning of the Gandria Olive Trail Nature footpath.
We take a 1 hour walk on the paved historic “Olive Trail” along the lakeside, and reach the romantic village of Gandria nestled along the banks of Lake Lugano.

Afterwards we board the public boat and cruise to our lunch stop at one of the Grotto’s better dining restaurants.

We will experience an outdoor Grotto Risotto lunch. Our host will set you up with all the ingredients and tools for you to start stirring your risotto.

Local Ticino white or red wine will be served so you can focus on your lunch.

All the while you are overlooking beautiful Lake Lugano with all the surrounding mountains and villages. Your stand-by chef checks with you periodically and finally your risotto is done.

You are then ready to enjoy your self-made excellent tasting grotto lunch.

Afterwards the public boat returns you to Lugano.

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