Bürgenstock – Details

Bürgenstock – Mountain Top Lunch with Awesome Views

  • Unforgettable experience and views
  • 2 hours plus total of easy hiking
  • 1 hour Lake Lucerne cruise allows you time to enjoy the wonderful panoramic views and learn of the 1873 to current Bürgenstock history
  • Hike on an easy, wide, shade covered, with railing, gravel, newly signposted, Cliffside rock blasted mountain footpath on a new “Educational Trail” with visuals communicating the region’s sustainability, ecological and geographical features and history.
  • Learn about Lucerne’s “Elegant historical Belle-Epoque past of the world’s who’s who of celebrities & dignitaries who stayed here”, with best views of the Lake Lucerne region.
  • Come away with a wonderful day of scenic views, a sense of Lucerne’s history
  • After a 30 minute ride on train & bus, you are in the countryside. At the city of Lucerne’s highest point, experiencing “the stunning best views” of Lake Lucerne surrounding Alpine, Mt. Pilatus, Mt. Rigi, peaks.
  • Enjoy Europe’s highest & fastest outdoor elevator as you zoom up the 300 ft / 150 m Hammetschwand Lift to the 1128 m/3500 ft mountaintop restaurant. Like the wonka-vator, all glass and soooo fast
  • Enjoy local Swiss food for lunch in an incredible outdoor setting
  • Visit the 14th century defensive tower – Schnitzturm -while waiting for the Lake Lucerne boat.
  • See a number of lakeside villages as you cruise back on the 1 hour Lake Lucerne boat to Lucerne

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