Alpine Peak to Peak Ridge Hike – Details

Hike Description

We tale a local train along the shores of 2 lakes.
This is followed by a bus ride.
We then take the world’s latest and steepest mountain funicular railway, reaching the resort village of Stoos at 1300 m/4265 ft. It is one of nine car-free towns in Switzerland.

The Hike
A brief hike through the pretty mountain village takes us to the chairlift station.
A relaxing 20 minute ride on a chairlift takes us to the top of Klingenstock (operating times depend on weather).
As the chairlift quietly takes you higher, enjoy the unfolding mountain panoramas around you.

The real hike begins at the top with a 360º alpine view as company, following a mountain trail that meanders along the ridge; in places the path has been carved out of the rock and strong steel cables provide security to the hiker.

Stop for a picnic lunch at one of the many stops along the way and marvel at the views while enjoying the break.

Along the route you may be lucky to see farmers at work harvesting “wild hay” on the steep mountain slopes. A refuge hut gives information about this age-old farming method, its particular challenges and its importance for the maintenance of the local ecology.

A short steep final ascent gets you up to the Fronalpstock where the highest restaurant in the canton of Schwyz is located.

Reward yourself at the very Swiss restaurant with an unbeatable view over the whole Lake Lucerne.

This tour is only possible in good weather and with no strong winds blowing.
In case of bad weather on the day of the tour, an alternative hike will be offered.

The Return
We catch a chair lift back down to Stoos.
Then we make our way back to Lucerne by bus and train (or by boat – depending on time; small extra cost).

You are then on your own to celebrate a fantastic Alpine hike.

Map for Alpine Ridge to Ridge Hike