Day Tours in Switzerland


Lucerne is just about the perfect starting off point for day tours of Switzerland.

An hours train ride from Zurich, it has many reasonably priced hotels within walking distance of the train station, mixed with excellent restaurants

Echo Trails offers over a dozen different day trips out of Lucerne – plus some of our other day tours can be reached from Lucerne.



A trip to this famous resort allows you experience how come it became the world’s first Winter tourism resort beloved by royalty and the rich and famous, and why it is still a magnet today for both winter and summer sports.

Our local guide is great at telling stories about the interesting people and goings-on in the resort, as well as explaining the unique Romansch language and culture of the area and its interesting “Sgraffito” house decoration style, on our relatively flat and leisurely hike that gives you awesome views of the Bernina Alps and panoramic vistas of the whole Engadine Valley.

And just so you can spend maximum time enjoying the magnificent scenery, ECHO Trails offers an all-inclusive Hotel + Hike package (includes guided day hike plus 2 nights in the 3-star centrally-located friendly family run Hauser Hotel plus 3-course dinners plus breakfasts in their Trip Advisor rated # 1 restaurant).


Here you can enjoy panoramic views of the famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau peaks set against a stunning backdrop of glaciers and Alps, green pastures carpeted by wild flowers and often with the sound of cowbells clanking all around.

Ideally you want to spend at least a night in Grindelwald to capture all the scenic beauty on its doorstep, but if you’re pressed for time, you can do it in a 1-day round-trip from Lucerne too.



The Matterhorn, the iconic symbol of Switzerland, and its closest town Zermatt are always worth a visit.

On our combination mountain cogwheel train ride plus guided day hike (easy to moderate level), you experience breathtaking views of the famous Matterhorn as well as awesome vistas over another 28 Alpine peaks standing 4000 meters/13000 ft or higher.


This is the Italian-speaking area and from Lucerne, it is an awesome 2-hour train ride through the impressive Gotthard Tunnel.

This makes Lugano an ideal 1-day round-trip from Lucerne, or if you are coming from Italy, it’s worth a stop. Our charming local Lugano guide will ensure you experience the best of Italian-Swiss culture, including getting you to make your own top-class risotto.



If this is your only Swiss destination, our half-day easy hike or or full-day moderate hike will get you out into the wonderful countryside and allow you to experience stunning lake views and vistas of the surrounding Alps of Eastern Switzerland.