A “Rail Tour” of Switzerland is a spectacular experience

The many aspects of the tour also include travel on lakes and trails.
Here are some of my Swiss Alps Rail tour highlights and thoughts.

We’re all sitting outside on this veranda on a sunny day, joking & laughing with the Matterhorn and surrounding 13,000 ft mountain peaks starring at us

In the above picture, I’m the one on the right wearing the blue vest and the red hat – the Echo Trails tour guide.

We may be hiking by a mountain stream, standing on a Swiss Alps summit, riding in a paddle boat, or boarding a train or gondola for a trip up a mountain side

Hiking around Lake Lucerne

Or we may sit in a small cafe, tour a cheese factory, visit a museum, ride for free on a bus in any town or shop for gifts of chocolate to bring home and much more

The food in each of Switzerland’s, four regions, the Italian, French, Romansch and Swiss-German, is fresh and delicious

Outdoor Grilling of Swiss Sausages - Mt. Rigi tour

Switzerland is dream Getaway

A world in which you and your loved ones will feel safe and have your own “Sound-of-Music” experience. It’s guaranteed you will come home with a sense of renewal and have a treasure of lifelong memories; just like me.

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