Rail Tours Packing List

The following instructions apply to our Rail Tours in the Swiss Alps such as the 12 Day Grand Rail Tour of Switzerland 

While we always recommend that you travel light..

We will be spending time outdoors and doing some walking, although not on mountain trails. Packing the right items will enable you to have a more enjoyable trip.

For train travel and walking around towns and villages, the key is casual comfort. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that are easy to pack and wear. We’ll be eating dinners in the hotel or at restaurants around town. You may want to wear something other than what you’ve been wearing during the day, but is still casual and not really very dressy.

While we make some specific recommendations below, your own personal preference, experience, and comfort-what works best for you-is ultimately the most important factor in deciding what to bring.

Remember is always better to have multiple layers instead of just one.


You will want to be wearing comfortable hiking shoes as we will be hiking over yellow “Wanderweg” trails and on some segments over yellow/red “Bergweg” trails.

The terrain consists of stable dirt surfaces with some rock, patches of roots & small stones and some paved surfaces. Your shoes can be low-cut or mid-ankle but should have a sturdy sole such as Vibram.

It’s important to have comfortable socks possibly made out of natural wool. Particularly if walking in hot weather.

We recommend the Swiss made “Rohner” socks by a Swiss-American friend who always buys a batch of these socks to take home to the USA with him. The Rohner brand offer all types of socks for all kinds of sportswear.

For hiking socks they make it real simple – one sock marked L for the left foot and the other sock marked R for the right foot.
Check their website: https://rohner-socks.com/?adword=google/Suche_Brand/rohner

You will find them in every sports store. In the U.S.A., firms like Thor-Lo and others produce equivalent socks.

We suggest to bring with you  a small bag of about 20 liter size. Deuter, Osprey, Vaude, Kelty, Dana Designs, Osprey, Mountainsmith, REI, Sierra Designs and Jansport all make extraordinary bags. 

* Daypack to carry water, snacks, jackets and anything you need during the day

*  Comfortable walking or hiking shoes and socks

* Sunglasses

* Sunscreen

* Lip balm

* Jacket and rain gears (e.g. waterproof and windproof jacket) 

* 5 T-Shirt  and 1 or 2 long sleeve shirts

* 4 Pants

* Gloves and scarf (depending on temperatures)

* Hat (possibly with some UV protection and a warmer one for winter excursions)

* Refillable water bottle to keep you hydrated or camelback

* Camera and or Binoculars

* One pair of extra shoes to wear during the evenings

* Swiss Francs for Lunch (if not included in the itinerary)

* Optional: hiking steaks or hiking pole.


Your guide will carry the following items, which will be available for your use on the trail and throughout the trip:

* First aid kit.
* Trail maps, field guides.
* Multifunction knife.


We wish you a happy tour,

Your ECHO Rails & Trails Team 

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