Brienz Rothorn Railway

Brienz Rothorn Rack Railway – Breathtaking Views.

It chugs, steams, screeches and smokes;: This steam rack railway has thrilled passengers since 1892. To this day the Brienz Rothorn Railway, has lost none of its original appeal. Its construction was considered a somewhat “crazy” pioneering effort back then.

It’s an 1 hour incredible ride to the top of the 7,717 ft Brienzer Rothorn mountain in the Emmental alp, the highest summit of the range.

No photo can describe how amazing the views this train ride offer. Unbelievably steep climbs from Brienz with-stunning views over Laker Brienz, then climbing through deep picturesque valleys with Swiss cottages and cows on the hills next to the train before arriving at Mt Rothorn with breathtaking 360 degree views of mountains, valleys and lakes. Just brilliant and truly memorable experience.

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